Recommended accessory starter pack

This is the recommended accessories to get you started using our system.

The package includes our efficient counterflow cooler, an extra 3-way valve to make you able to choose if you return the cooled wort to the tank creating a whirlpool or pump directly to the fermenter. A third sensor gives you exact measurements of the wort returning from cooling. The necessary fittings and accessories are also included.

You may also want a third 3-way valve so you don't have to disconnect anything when cleaning your system after a brew-day. You simply install the third 3-way valve on the lower outlet to give you the option to pump or drain the tank to the cooler or to a bucket or directly to the drain.

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Blind cap to seal the ports not in use. Recommended to avoid making a mess if using the valves incorrectly.All our fittings are made from high quality SS304 steel.
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