Firmware for Pro Series control system

We regularly update the software for our control system to add new functions and features.
The update is now done via WiFi (from version 1.01.00)

When a new version is available, your system will automatically download the update and let you know when it's ready to install. The Micro-SD card must be installed in the system as temporary storage for OTA updates.

How to update manually

- Get an empty MicroSD card, formatted as FAT32
- Create a folder called "UPDATE" in the root of the MicroSD card
- Copy the *.bin file to the "UPDATE" folder (remove other files in folder)
- Turn the system off, and insert the MicroSD card into the slot on the control box
- Turn on the system, and wait for the update to complete. 

If you get the error message "Error 01", the system has problems reading your MicroSD card. Try again 1-2 times.
If it doesn't help, please try another MicroSD card. Contact us if you're still having problems.


Below you can download the latest version of the firmware.

BTOS Pro V01.03.01



- Recipe mode added. Feedback here
- Mash mode heating mode: For both manual and recipe mode you can now limit the max output power in settings (30-70%)
- Popups are redesigned for more flexibility
- Settings are redesigned to scrolling list
- Keypad limits/validation added
- Default fuse limit now set to 13A
- Improved application internal architecture


- Fahrenheit conversion bug fixed


- Fahrenheit support added
- Secret settings can now be accessed by holding down the settings symbol in main menu for 3 seconds
- English is default language for new devices
- Manual heating is now allowed even if all sensors are disconnected
- Minor graphical changes


- WiFi functionaliy added.
- OTA updates. Log in to WiFi network. Updates will download autmatically and notify user. 
- On-screen Keyboard added. Updated Numeric keypad to reflect same design as new keyboard.
- Added notification (beep) when target temperature is reached (Manual mode).
- Heaters dry-run protection. Device will shut down heaters and pump if sensor 1 (tank sensor) reaches >115 degrees Celsius.
- Minor architectural fixes


- Settings: Buzzer renamed to Alarm
- Settings: Alarm now selectable. 3 beeps or continous until display is touched.
- Secret settings: Sensor offset now activated and working
- Secret settings: Default PID values are shown when 'default' button is held down
- Warning messages before starting heaters and pump for the first time each session for added safety
- Updated touch input framework
- General GUI, stability and performance improvements


- Settings: Max current setting now enabled at 10, 13, 15 and 16 Amps
- Settings: Heater cycle offset to prevent both relays starting at the same time
- Settings: Display brightness can be adjusted
- Settings: Pump sensor automatic switching threshold now user selectable from 20-70%
- Improved architectural structures


- Code optimization
- Updated RTOS to latest version fixing corrupted memory causing the unit to freeze
- Improved onboard diagnostic LED algorithm


- Improved pump control


- When current temperature exceeds 100.0 degrees, it now shows without decimals to better fit the display
- Improved heater control cycle for future asynchronous operation


- Initial beta release


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